School Cinema

Norrköpings municipality offers all students and teachers from Norrköping public schools and private schools to see films during class hours. The school cinema is intended for all ages from preschool to adult education. Film is a great teaching tool and can be used as a starting point for a discussion or start a topic in order to generate interest and involvement. Not least for students with reading and writing difficulties.

To watch and discuss a film together is an important part of the cinema experience. In our screens you see films that evokes emotion and interest to keep on working with the film topic or technique in our media lab or at your school.

There are teachers guides available for most school cinema films, which facilitates future discussions and practical work in the classroom or in our film and media lab. 


Tickets booked at Cnema at tel. 011-152457 or by e-mail to skolbio(at)

For your reservation state:

- School

- Phone

- Invoice Dress + reference code

- Number of pupils

- Number of teachers

- Other required information


(Also applies to private schools )

Do not bring money to the film screening. After the screening an invoice will be posted to your school. You pay for the number of seats you have booked, even if there are fewer people at the actual screening.

Pupils, films under the lenght of 60 min 20 SEK ( + 6% VAT)
Pupils, 60 minutes and above 30 SEK (+ 6% VAT)
Teachers always go for free!


A cancellation or change of reservation must be made at least 14 days in advance, otherwise the school will be charged for the number of booked seats.


It is important that there is at least one adult per 20 students at school film screening. It is important that all students are aware of the standards of conduct, which are stated on the booking confirmation. Come early and check off everyone who will see the movie!